PHPEnkoder 1.6

Martin Rees caught another bug in PHPEnkoder, which was making it difficult to edit posts with comments containing e-mails. This problem has been solved by turning off the enkoder filters when displaying administrative panels.

In addition to the bugfix, there are two improvements. First, the internal enkoding system will choose names that are more likely to be unique. Second, I’ve added a shortcode, enkode. You can use it to manually enkode an arbitrary stretch of text, like so: [enkode]this will be enkoded[/enkode].

The latest version is available from the PHPEnkoder website and its home in the plugin directory.


  1. Hi,
    thanks for PHPEncoder. The Plugin works fine in “normal” Pages of my WordPress Blog. But i have also WP:Simple Forum installed. This Forum contains some Forms (eg. User Profil Form with personal User Settings) and PHPEncoder – Javascript is created in such a Form to. But this is not desired because the Form is “corrupt” and the E-Mail-Adress Textbox contains: “<span id=" and after the Textbox the Code "email hidden; JavaScript is required" appears.

    Hm … perhaps it is a good Idea to have the Possibility to deactivate the PHPEncoder for some Plugins or Pages to avoid such Kind of Errors?

    If you have any ideas mail me please.

    Thanks, Regards

  2. Hi again,
    now i have deactivated the PHPEncoder-Setting “Enkode plaintext e-mails” and the Form in Simple Press Forum is “clean” (OK). But however i think it’s a good Idea to check this:

    If Mailadress is the “value” of a Textbox then dont use PHPEncoder (do not create the PHPEncoder Javascript Block).

    What do you think about this?


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