Gravatar support

I’ve added gravatar support to the website. The gravatar system is a clever way to create identity on-line: e-mails are associated with images. Critically, the URL associated with an e-mail doesn’t include the e-mail itself, but instead an MD5 hash — this way, spammers can’t harvest your address.

I was disappointed to discover that Google Chat doesn’t have support for gravatars — a Google labs feature I would use.

PHPEnkoder 1.5

Martin Rees noticed that any user can change PHPEnkoder’s settings. I’ve change PHPEnkoder’s settings panel to require the manage_options capability. Now, by default, only administrators can change PHPEnkoder’s settings. (If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, check out the Codex documentation on roles and capabilities.)

As usual, the plugin is available from the PHPEnkoder website and its home in the plugin directory.