PHPEnkoder 1.5

Martin Rees noticed that any user can change PHPEnkoder’s settings. I’ve change PHPEnkoder’s settings panel to require the manage_options capability. Now, by default, only administrators can change PHPEnkoder’s settings. (If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, check out the Codex documentation on roles and capabilities.)

As usual, the plugin is available from the PHPEnkoder website and its home in the plugin directory.


  1. Thanks for that Michael. That was blistering speed…!

    The plugin works great and you can see the thing working in a page’s source if there’s an email address showing. The trouble is that now I’m in two minds whether to put an email contact address online or stick with the php forms system I’ve used for a while now, for exactly the reason you hinted at here in your ‘about’ page.

  2. I’m (naturally?) a fan of the Enkoder system, since it lets the user choose their own mail client, editor, etc. while still hiding e-mail from (less sophisticated) bots. It also means you don’t need mail support on your server, which can be a security liability. (A bug in your mail script could allow spammers to send mail to arbitrary addresses, helping the very spammers you’re working against!)

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